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blueberry pie bars with lemon sugar

I’d describe these as a very rich, very decadent, yet very portable cobbler.  Not so much a pie bar.  But delish.  Next time I’m going to try 3/4 recipe in the same size pan, I think they’ll be a little more manageable that way.  (I’m getting pretty good with those fractions on the fly!)  Continue reading ‘blueberry pie bars with lemon sugar’


banana cupcakes with peanut butter frosting

A classic combination in an adorable little package, indeed.  I’ve been wanting to make peanut butter frosting for a while.  Never had it.  Then I received a random, unsolicited copy of Bon Appetite.  I flipped through the many fabulously complicated dinners, appetizers, salads, etc., and all the way to the back where I found the desserts.  My section.  That’s where I found these gems.  Seriously, sooooooo good.  Continue reading ‘banana cupcakes with peanut butter frosting’

cinnamon-roll ebelskivers

Happy Mother’s Day to ME! Continue reading ‘cinnamon-roll ebelskivers’

homemade samoas

OK, Girl Scout cookies only come around once a year in the states. So come on, how often do you think they come around in Japan?  Extremely rare commodity, I just had my first taste in five years.  Shanita gave me a box of the originals a few weeks ago.  Unfortunately, she gave them to me right in front of two other American friends, so I did what I had to do, I split my loot three ways.  That left me with five precious, perfect samoas.  Shoulda been one for each family member, right?  Wrong.  Naturally, I ate all five.  (Yeah, Andrew was pretty upset when he found the empty box.)  Continue reading ‘homemade samoas’

banana and chocolate cupcakes

OK, third banana recipe in one week, so obviously I bought WAY too many bananas in the last week or two.  The result?  Loads of brown bananas that the kids wouldn’t touch with a 10 foot pole.  What’s a mom to do?  Bake.  Bananas work so well in baking, they become almost caramel-like when cooked and make everything extra moist.  However, I won’t be buying anymore, anytime soon, we are all banana’d out!  Continue reading ‘banana and chocolate cupcakes’

coconut and pineapple cupcakes

Coconut and pineapple give these cupcakes a tropical flavor.  Think pineapple-upside-down cake meets smooth coconut cream.  Or piña colada in cupcake form.  Who’d say no to that?  These are definitely rich!  But so tasty that even my Japanese friends (who claim to find American treats far too sweet) went for seconds.  Continue reading ‘coconut and pineapple cupcakes’

xxl m&m chocolate chip cookies

Very yummy and fun.  With 2 full Tablespoons vanilla, the flavor is especially rich and full.  Nothing too fancy or remarkable, but definitely nothing at all to complain about here. Continue reading ‘xxl m&m chocolate chip cookies’


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