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peach cobbler

First, YUUUUUMMMMMMM!  This peach cobbler was one of the first food blog recipes I ever tried.  Last summer I found a version, using nectarines and cream, over at Joy the Baker.  I’d never made cobbler before, probably never even eaten it.  But it just looked so easy and I had some peaches on hand, so I thought, why not?  Thank goodness the stars were aligned.  Continue reading ‘peach cobbler’


rocky ledge bars

WOW!  How about “everything but the kitchen sink” bars!?  These were loaded with all the good things life has to offer; chocolate, butterscotch, marshmallows, white chocolate, caramel, and pecans (well, those were my unique addition).  Not to mention the butter and brown sugar foundation.  So, the age old question, can you have too much of a good thing? Continue reading ‘rocky ledge bars’

marshmallow brownie bites

These little treats hit you with four distinct textures and flavors in one little bite.  Sam and Eli helped me choose this recipe to share for the school’s teacher appreciation day.  I thought they’d be fun for the kids to prepare, but not sure if it was an appropriate adult treat.  The result was a very pleasant surprise!  Continue reading ‘marshmallow brownie bites’

strawberry shortcake cake

I was starting to feel like every single post was some shade of the predictable baking brown.  That’s mainly because they all include very delicious brownish things; brown sugar, chocolate, butter, etc.  But the page and my palate were due for a little color, wouldn’t you agree?  So, time for some fruit.  Now this recipe looked bright and cheery enough, but  I had my doubts.  Strawberry shortcake…cake?  Continue reading ‘strawberry shortcake cake’


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