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super cute reindeer cookies

These were just for a little fun.  They’re so easy for kids to decorate and produce a cute and recognizeable outcome!  We had friends from age 2 – 9 decorating with chocolate and vanilla frosting and a variety of candy options.  Just use my favorite sugar cookie recipe, add some cocoa powder to the buttercream frosting (to taste) and decorate away!

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marble cake

Our Aunt Honey had a laugh that was like no other; big, unabashed, and absolutely infectious.  It brought a smile to every face as quickly as did a bite of her fabulous marble cake.  We drove to Richmond each holiday season eagerly discussing and anticipating both the laugh and the cake.  On the off year we didn’t make the trip, you could bet we’d receive a very heavy box in the mail delivering a fresh and beautiful marble cake wrapped securely in loads of foil.  She knew we just couldn’t do Christmas without it.

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