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samoa blondies

Holy freakin yum!  I have made these multiple times over the last year in hopes of getting a good picture, and every single time they are gone before I can get the camera out.  Actually, the batter is so, so delicious, that it’s hard enough just to get them in the oven, let alone allow them to cool, cut them into presentable squares, and then wait to partake while I arrange and shoot.  Forget about it.  They really are reminiscent of the girl scout samoa cookie (my absolute fav), but I can honestly say these are better.  And these are SO EASY!  Seriously one bowl, they’re mixed and in the oven in less than 15 minutes.

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sugar cookie bars

Top ‘o the morning to ya!  I’ve wanted to make these sugar cookie bars for soooo long and I found St. Patrick’s Day to be the perfect opportunity.   You know, ’cause they’re green.  We shared this batch with Andrew’s English class at church and I’ve plenty leftover to share with some family friends coming tomorrow night.  Seriously, this recipe made a whole bunch.  And dang they were easy!  Tasty too.  A touch on the dry side, but I did overcook them by a couple  minutes, so that can be easily remedied.  Overall, great flavor and simple to prepare.   Highly recommend.

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lemon melting moments

So I’ve been making lots of rich choco desserts lately.  Definitely no regrets, but it was time for a change.  We love a good lemon treat around here, lemon bars are the absolute best (especially the ones we used to get at the local Amish market…really, no words for how good those were), but everyone has a standard lemon bar recipe in their back-pocket.  Lemon melting moments sounded like a yummy alternative.  I think they’re an Australian treat, and since I’ve recently visited Australia I feel I’m now quite the expert on all things down-under.  (OK, not really, but still…)  These cookies literally melt in your mouth, probably due the abundance of butter and cornstarch.  If you love lemon bars, you will also love this sweet treat.

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