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red velvet cheesecake brownies

Gearing up for Valentine’s Day (so glad, I was starting to get post-holiday depression), and there’s no better excuse to try a new red velvet recipe.  These brownies weren’t super sweet, so they weren’t my favorite, but both my husband and 9-year-old said these were the best treat I’ve made in a long while.  Just like red velvet cake, the chocolate flavor is a bit milder, but the consistency is fudgy and moist, which I love.  Also, in my experience these are much better the next day, which requires patience I simply don’t have.  If you’re a fan of cheesecake brownies, and you don’t like sickly sweet desserts, you’ll absolutely love these!  And they’re quite pretty, if I do say so myself.

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strawberry swirl cheesecake bars

You know, I like cheesecake, I really do.  I just never realize how much I like it until I’m eating it.  Therefore I never, ever make it.  Just doesn’t seem worth the effort (or the fat, to be blunt).  But these cheesecake bars looked too easy to pass up.  I felt they included all the good things a traditional cheesecake has to offer, rich and creamy with a buttery graham crust, but none of the hassle or intimidation.  Continue reading ‘strawberry swirl cheesecake bars’


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