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raspberry almond bars

These here bars are some of our absolute favorite treats of all time!  We know we love them, and we know they are delicious, but when we actually make them they manage to far exceed expectations, EVERY TIME!!  Raspberry and almond are truly a match made in heaven.

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sugar cookie bars

Top ‘o the morning to ya!  I’ve wanted to make these sugar cookie bars for soooo long and I found St. Patrick’s Day to be the perfect opportunity.   You know, ’cause they’re green.  We shared this batch with Andrew’s English class at church and I’ve plenty leftover to share with some family friends coming tomorrow night.  Seriously, this recipe made a whole bunch.  And dang they were easy!  Tasty too.  A touch on the dry side, but I did overcook them by a couple  minutes, so that can be easily remedied.  Overall, great flavor and simple to prepare.   Highly recommend.

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s’mores cookie bars

I hate the words, “cool completely before cutting.”  I’m sure most people have the necessary restraint, but I invariably cut (and eat) far before my desserts have cooled.  The result?  Slightly burned mouth and not so pretty presentation.  But I never learn my lesson, nope, doesn’t stop me from doing it again the next time.

I’ve wanted to make these bars since I saw them over at Lovin’ From the Oven around Christmas time.  It took me seven months to assemble all the ingredients here in Japan.  Continue reading ‘s’mores cookie bars’

strawberry swirl cheesecake bars

You know, I like cheesecake, I really do.  I just never realize how much I like it until I’m eating it.  Therefore I never, ever make it.  Just doesn’t seem worth the effort (or the fat, to be blunt).  But these cheesecake bars looked too easy to pass up.  I felt they included all the good things a traditional cheesecake has to offer, rich and creamy with a buttery graham crust, but none of the hassle or intimidation.  Continue reading ‘strawberry swirl cheesecake bars’

gooey butter toffee cake

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Not in this case.  Just couldn’t capture the allure of these bars with a photo.  The name gives you a better idea of their decadence, but to truly understand these must be eaten.  Probably the most addictive things I’ve posted so far, and that’s saying a whole lot.  I made them on a Tuesday afternoon to share with friends the next day.  Continue reading ‘gooey butter toffee cake’

blueberry pie bars with lemon sugar

I’d describe these as a very rich, very decadent, yet very portable cobbler.  Not so much a pie bar.  But delish.  Next time I’m going to try 3/4 recipe in the same size pan, I think they’ll be a little more manageable that way.  (I’m getting pretty good with those fractions on the fly!)  Continue reading ‘blueberry pie bars with lemon sugar’


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