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red velvet cheesecake brownies

Gearing up for Valentine’s Day (so glad, I was starting to get post-holiday depression), and there’s no better excuse to try a new red velvet recipe.  These brownies weren’t super sweet, so they weren’t my favorite, but both my husband and 9-year-old said these were the best treat I’ve made in a long while.  Just like red velvet cake, the chocolate flavor is a bit milder, but the consistency is fudgy and moist, which I love.  Also, in my experience these are much better the next day, which requires patience I simply don’t have.  If you’re a fan of cheesecake brownies, and you don’t like sickly sweet desserts, you’ll absolutely love these!  And they’re quite pretty, if I do say so myself.

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rocky road brownies

I haven’t been a big brownie fan lately. Not sure exactly why, never quite the right recipe and probably too many of the boxed variety at potlucks, playgroups, and other such gatherings. I’d forgotten what a good brownie really can be. Luckily, my little Sam kept begging this month for marshmallow brownies, so I finally gave in. Man I’m glad I did! Made these for the first time and they were A-MAZING! I know that I describe almost all my food as rich and sweet, but these are near the top of the list. Still, with the walnut addition, the decadence is more than bearable, it’s absolutely divine. Oh, and they’re so pretty too, quite impressive looking if baked in a cute pan. They went too fast, already planning when to make and share these again this week!

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chocolate mint brownies

Smooth.  If I had one word to describe these brownies that’s what it would be.  Followed closely by best, as in BEST BROWNIES EVER!!  Some of us (who shall remain nameless) are not even brownie fans, but these are the absolute exception.  Continue reading ‘chocolate mint brownies’

marshmallow brownie bites

These little treats hit you with four distinct textures and flavors in one little bite.  Sam and Eli helped me choose this recipe to share for the school’s teacher appreciation day.  I thought they’d be fun for the kids to prepare, but not sure if it was an appropriate adult treat.  The result was a very pleasant surprise!  Continue reading ‘marshmallow brownie bites’

new york times banana blondies

These were not blondie consistency, more like a banana bread cake, and I wanted a blondie!!  As usual, I did eat them too soon after baking, I figure they’d surely be denser and richer a few hours later, as banana bread always is.   Overall, these were yum, better than banana bread due to the abundance of brown sugar, toasted walnuts and chocolate.  Oh, and they were EXTREMELY easy!  But when a recipe starts with “New York Times” I have high expectations, seeing as the New York Times Chocolate Chip Cookies are the only other recipe I’ve ever made that start that way.  Yeah, that makes sense, right?  Continue reading ‘new york times banana blondies’


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