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chocolate chip cookie dough cupcakes

These may not sound all that exciting, but I always fall for the dessert surprise in disguise.  I was shocked to discover that both the cupcake and the frosting taste EXACTLY (IMHO) like chocolate chip cookie dough. They are supposed to be stuffed with cookie dough balls, but if that’s too much for you, they are equally delicious without.  Really, they were much, much tastier than I had anticipated. Highly recommend to any chocolate chip cookie dough fans!!!

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pumpkin whoopie pies (with maple cream-cheese filling)

PUMPKIN!!!  I’ve made a lot of pumpkin treats this fall, but haven’t had the time or patience for good photos.  These whoopie pies were so fun (not to mention super moist and full of flavor), I took the recipe from brown-eyed baker and then threw a few butterscotch chips into some, chocolate chips into others.  All were tasty, but chocolate was the favorite.  But then again, when is chocolate not the favorite in any given situation?  (Nevermind, chocolate ice cream, not a favorite.)  Anyway, give these a try, see what you like best.  If you don’t have much of a sweet tooth, you’d be just fine without any chips at all.

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dark chocolate chunk (pecan) and dried cherry cookies

Low(er)-fat, lower-sugar chocolate chip cookies?  They look yummy, right? I SWEAR they taste at least as good as they look.  But it’s honestly true, they have proportionally half the butter of any other chocolate cookie recipe I’ve ever tried.  At first I thought I read the recipe wrong, so I researched.  Continue reading ‘dark chocolate chunk (pecan) and dried cherry cookies’

chocolate chip oreo cookies

These were fun and yummy.  Were they the most fabulous cookies I’ve ever had?  Not by a long shot.  But the kids liked them, and they genuinely had the flavor of cookies and cream ice cream.  Who’s gonna say no to that?  Next time I would add more of the straight chocolate and a little more Oreo too.  Continue reading ‘chocolate chip oreo cookies’


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