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chocolate strawberry celebration cake

First, this picture was taken with an iPhone.  Usually I wouldn’t share it, but the cake was too amazing to keep quiet.  Ashley and I had so much fun making this together for Christmas Eve dinner.  Mom made a fabulous prime rib and the whole family feasted like we’ve never feasted before!  Our favorite part was most definitely Ashley’s chocolate buttercream – OUT OF THIS WORLD!  Absolutely amazing.

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chocolate covered cherry cookies

The moment I saw these I knew I had to make them.  Chocolate covered cherries in cookie form?  YES!  They were festive, different, easy, and delish.  Fun new twist for a cookie exchange this season.  Here’s the only thing, personally I would much prefer a fudgyer (that does not look right, is that a word?) cookie, so next time I’m going to try these cookie/brownie recipe from my Marshmallow Brownie Bites.  That’s just me, but I still found every bite of these very tasty and really enjoyed sharing them!

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peanut butter pretzel bites

Salty and sweet.  Crunchy and melt-in-your-mouth.   Peanut butter and chocolate.  Dangerous and delicious (you know what I mean).  One little bite, so much to experience.  Why did I wait so long to give these a try??  A perfect treat to share with a large group of people that you love a whole lot, or to share with yourself on a self-indulgent sweats and sofa  sorta day.  Yum and yum.  Continue reading ‘peanut butter pretzel bites’

bon appetit’s chocolate (mayonnaise) cake

My pumpkin supply is running short here in Asia, but that’s OK because I was forced to try something different this fall.  I’d completely forgotten how amazing the perfect chocolate cake can be!  I’ve never had a go-to recipe, but when I saw this in Bon Appetit it looked like I had met my match.  I don’t go for light and fluffy when it comes to my cakes, particularly the chocolate variety.  I like dense (check), rich (check) and moist (check).  The cake was fab. And the frosting?  Beyond.  Dangerous.  Anytime I need a chocolate cake, this will be on the menu.  Seriously, didn’t even miss my pumpkin in the middle of October, that’s how good it was!

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chocolate mint brownies

Smooth.  If I had one word to describe these brownies that’s what it would be.  Followed closely by best, as in BEST BROWNIES EVER!!  Some of us (who shall remain nameless) are not even brownie fans, but these are the absolute exception.  Continue reading ‘chocolate mint brownies’

s’mores cookie bars

I hate the words, “cool completely before cutting.”  I’m sure most people have the necessary restraint, but I invariably cut (and eat) far before my desserts have cooled.  The result?  Slightly burned mouth and not so pretty presentation.  But I never learn my lesson, nope, doesn’t stop me from doing it again the next time.

I’ve wanted to make these bars since I saw them over at Lovin’ From the Oven around Christmas time.  It took me seven months to assemble all the ingredients here in Japan.  Continue reading ‘s’mores cookie bars’

(sorta) homemade chocolate sandwich cookies

I’m going to keep this simple.  These are good.  Real good.  Easy and oh-so-tasty.  And they’re portable too, so fun to share.

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