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chocolate chip cookie dough cupcakes

These may not sound all that exciting, but I always fall for the dessert surprise in disguise.  I was shocked to discover that both the cupcake and the frosting taste EXACTLY (IMHO) like chocolate chip cookie dough. They are supposed to be stuffed with cookie dough balls, but if that’s too much for you, they are equally delicious without.  Really, they were much, much tastier than I had anticipated. Highly recommend to any chocolate chip cookie dough fans!!!

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candy corn cupcakes

Seriously, who loves candy corn?  My husband, that’s who!  He must have loads of candy corn in the fall and Peeps at Easter time.  The strangest part is that he really doesn’t have much of a sweet tooth and often describe desserts, candy, and the like as too sweet.  I just can’t figure this one out.

Anyway, these cupcakes don’t taste anything like candy corn, but they are so cute I just had to try them out.  Also, the frosting is almost identical to that of Magnolia bakery’s, but much simpler to make.  (Actually, I like it even better!)  It is unlike any I’ve had before, utterly AMAZING!

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red velvet valentine cakes

Yum, yum, yum!  I love the idea of red velvet cupcakes, but they never turn out as tender and moist as I imagine they should be.  I’ve made a few recipes from scratch and I’m just never quite satisfied.  Until now.  Ashley suggested doctoring up a cake mix sorta like her pistachio cupcake recipe, and the results are super tasty!  Really, these were very rich, moist and just what I’d imagined a red velvet cupcake could and should be.  They were a fun, super easy valentine treat to make with the kids using a little trick I saw over at Cafe InaContinue reading ‘red velvet valentine cakes’

pistachio cupcakes

These cupcakes are delicious, incredibly moist (which is mostly likely attributed to the full cup of oil), and embarrassingly easy to make. It’s a little tough to get these cupcakes to look lovely due to the nature of the frosting, but seriously, every time I make these cupcakes, people’s reaction never fails to disappoint–the phrase “Best cupcake I’ve ever had!” has been used more than once.  Continue reading ‘pistachio cupcakes’

raspberry vanilla cake with lemon curd filling

I apologize in advance for this long-winded explanation.  I am indecisive by nature, probably my biggest weakness.  This indecision can lead to disproportional amounts of anxiety over such mundane decisions as “paper or plastic?”  Obviously it’s going to cause a lot of problems when I’m baking.  Continue reading ‘raspberry vanilla cake with lemon curd filling’

banana cupcakes with peanut butter frosting

A classic combination in an adorable little package, indeed.  I’ve been wanting to make peanut butter frosting for a while.  Never had it.  Then I received a random, unsolicited copy of Bon Appetite.  I flipped through the many fabulously complicated dinners, appetizers, salads, etc., and all the way to the back where I found the desserts.  My section.  That’s where I found these gems.  Seriously, sooooooo good.  Continue reading ‘banana cupcakes with peanut butter frosting’

banana and chocolate cupcakes

OK, third banana recipe in one week, so obviously I bought WAY too many bananas in the last week or two.  The result?  Loads of brown bananas that the kids wouldn’t touch with a 10 foot pole.  What’s a mom to do?  Bake.  Bananas work so well in baking, they become almost caramel-like when cooked and make everything extra moist.  However, I won’t be buying anymore, anytime soon, we are all banana’d out!  Continue reading ‘banana and chocolate cupcakes’


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