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chocolate strawberry celebration cake

First, this picture was taken with an iPhone.  Usually I wouldn’t share it, but the cake was too amazing to keep quiet.  Ashley and I had so much fun making this together for Christmas Eve dinner.  Mom made a fabulous prime rib and the whole family feasted like we’ve never feasted before!  Our favorite part was most definitely Ashley’s chocolate buttercream – OUT OF THIS WORLD!  Absolutely amazing.

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strawberry swirl cheesecake bars

You know, I like cheesecake, I really do.  I just never realize how much I like it until I’m eating it.  Therefore I never, ever make it.  Just doesn’t seem worth the effort (or the fat, to be blunt).  But these cheesecake bars looked too easy to pass up.  I felt they included all the good things a traditional cheesecake has to offer, rich and creamy with a buttery graham crust, but none of the hassle or intimidation.  Continue reading ‘strawberry swirl cheesecake bars’

strawberry shortcake cake

I was starting to feel like every single post was some shade of the predictable baking brown.  That’s mainly because they all include very delicious brownish things; brown sugar, chocolate, butter, etc.  But the page and my palate were due for a little color, wouldn’t you agree?  So, time for some fruit.  Now this recipe looked bright and cheery enough, but  I had my doubts.  Strawberry shortcake…cake?  Continue reading ‘strawberry shortcake cake’


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